A Home for Gamers to
Reach Enlightenment

Only few people access the full intelligence of the body. Practices such as Fitness, Yoga, Meditation teach us how to integrate all aspects of being into one cohesive whole.

Coaching & Therapy for
Mental Health Support

Have you ever explored coaching or therapy? Peaceful Paradise might be the perfect place to start.

Purify your Mind with
Dharma Realizations

Meditation and Breathwork help us shift into peace and dissolve the ego. Everything is created by mind. If we can purify our mind we can purify the world.

Learn How to Regulate
Your Nervous System

The nervous system regulates our physical experience of reality. Modalities such as Breathwork, Nature Therapy, and Trauma Release can help release deep-rooted delusions.

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  • Accountability Calls
  • Private Coaching
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